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At, we want to complement our range of products with all of the advice you need. With the articles below we aspire to enable you to create and care for your lawn, paddock, or landscape whatever your needs.

Sowing a New Lawn

How much grass seed do you need?
Grass Seed Calculator

Use our Grass Seed Calculator to find the right quantity of seed for you.

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Use our lawn seed selector
Grass Seed Germination

Understanding grass seed germination is the key to a perfect sowing.

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What are the various types of grass seed mixtures
Grass Seed Mixtures

Learn more about the various types of grass seed mixtures.

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How to prepare a grass seed bed
Preparing a Seed Bed

A good seed bed is essential for a perfect looking lawn. Learn how to create one now!

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Sowing grass seed for a perfect lawn
How to sow grass seed

Follow our handy sowing guide to get the perfect lawn.

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How to care for a new lawn
Caring for your new lawn

After all of the hard work put in to establishing a new lawn, the immediate aftercare is very…

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Lawn Care and Maintenance

Renovating your existing grass or lawn
Overseeding and Renovation

Our handy tips and advice for overseeding or renovating your existing lawn.

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Understanding grass seed and lawn fertliser
Grass Seed and Lawn Fertiliser

Read our useful tips and advice for grass seed and lawn fertlisers.

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Horse and Pony Paddock Care

Caring for your horse or pony paddock
Basic Paddock Care

Basic care of your horse or pony paddock will increase its longevity.

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Miscellaneous Advice

What are the differences between grass seed and turf?
Grass Seed or Turf?

Learn more about the differences and advantages of grass seed over turf.

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Browse our range of grass seed for shaded lawns
Grass Seed for Shade

Establishing the perfect lawn in shaded areas is easy with our range of grass seed for shade.

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Learn all you need to know about dogs and grass seed
Grass Seed in Dogs

It is important to understand how grass seed can affect our four-legged companions.

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Browse our range of grass seed and fertiliser spreaders
Grass Seed Spreaders

Choosing the right spreader is important when sowing grass seed. Browse our range online.

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