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Quality Assurance

At you can buy with confidence that our products meet all legal regulatory requirements and have quality assured. We are licensed seed merchants registered with the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). guarantees that all goods shall comply at the time of delivery with applicable UK and/or EU legislation then in force. We endeavour to ensure that our product descriptions accurately reflect the content of our mixtures.

We have stringent quality control to ensure that you only ever get the best quality products which include, but is not limited to the below.

-        Supplied goods are always of conventional varieties and never from parent plants that have been genetically modified (GM) in any way.

-        All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that in the process of breeding, production, handling and packing, that our products are not contaminated with any kind of GM products.

-        All agricultural varieties in any of our products are listed in the current Pocket Guide to Livestock Crops produced by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge.

-        All varieties used in our amenity grass seed mixtures are currently listed in the Turfgrass Seed Booklet produced by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).

-        Wildflower seeds are periodically tested for germination and purity as there is no official body or recommendation in the field of wildflower species.