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About Us aims to provide the largest range of grass seed products available on the internet, whatever the purpose. We are able to do this by stocking grass seed from the leading grass seed suppliers in the UK, ensuring that you only ever receive great quality products and that we provide you with a solution for any situation.

You can buy grass seed from a number of grass seed suppliers either online or in a retail store, but there is no substitute to buying it from a licensed seed merchant, registered with the Department for Food, the Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as is the case here at We only sell certified grass seed varieties and all of our ranges are subjected to stringent quality control, over and above industry standards. All cultivars in our lawn mixtures have been tested and listed as recommended by the Sports Turf Research Institute. Beware of cheap grass seed that does not meet this standard as there is no barometer of the quality of the grass seed enclosed. We sell grass seed at extremely competitive prices and are still able to give you the quality assurances as detailed above. Click here for more detail on how we ensure you only ever receive great quality products.

We also sell a selection of wildflower seeds, lawn fertiliser and grass seed spreaders to ensure that you can get everything you need for your lawn here in one place, at competitive prices. At, we set ourselves apart from the competition with a simple to use, informative website containing the largest and broadest range of grass seed available on the internet.