Grass Seed Germination

The germination of your grass seed depends very much on the species in the grass seed mixture that you choose, but it is generally relatively low maintenance to establish. You should choose your lawn mixture dependent on how quickly you want it to establish, the finish that you want to achieve and the amount of time and effort you want to put in to maintaining it. Click here for advice on choosing a grass seed mixture for your lawn.

There are a number of ideal conditions for the best grass seed germination detailed below.

Soil temperature – the ideal soil temperature for grass seed is around 9-13⁰C which in the UK is usually achieved from the beginning of March until the beginning of October, but this season can be extended or reduced dependent on weather.

Rainfall – as with all seeds, your grass seed will need sufficient rainfall to germinate and grow well. The ideal time for this is March to May and August to October but again is changeable with weather.

Light and Oxygen – it is important that grass seed is not ‘planted’. It needs to be spread on open soil and lightly raked to allow sufficient light and oxygen to get to the seeds.

These are the necessary conditions for effective grass seed germination. Click here for our page on preparing a seed bed for a grass seed lawn.