Grass Seed and Lawn Fertiliser

It is possible to considerably improve the appearance and longevity of your lawn with regular and specific applications of fertiliser. It is more important than fertilising or feeding other plants because your lawn gets worn…it’s the only part of the garden that gets trampled on and cut up to twenty five times a year. It’s also likely that your lawn is the largest and most visible part of your garden so it makes sense that it should get that little bit of extra attention. Correct use of fertiliser will encourages denser plant production and therefore a thicker turf. Root penetration is improved which means water and nutrient uptake is improved and you lawn will maintain a lush green colour.

Fertilisers for grass seed generally consist of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at different ratios dependent on its purposes. It is best applied with a rotary or broadcast spreader to ensure an even distribution. You can view our advice on choosing a grass seed spreader or view our range to purchase. The diagram below shows how you might best apply it, using a half measure but going over the area twice.

Pre Seeding Fertiliser

Using a pre seeding fertiliser and grass seed will give better results and is much more cost effective than using a so called ‘miracle’ product which claim to combine the two. These products are expensive and can be misleading when actually looking in to the contents. A pre seeding fertiliser contains a high ratio of phosphates which encourages better root and shoot development for your lawn to thicken out more quickly. Click here for our range of fertiliser.

Spring/Summer Fertiliser

This fertiliser will contain a higher level of Nitrogen as this stimulates improved growth through the growing season. It will make the grass grow more quickly and densely. This aids in giving your lawn the desirable deep green colour. Use this fertiliser from the end of March through to the end of September which is the key growing season. Click here for our range of fertiliser.

Autumn/Winter Fertiliser

This fertiliser will have a lower concentration of nitrogen as it will be applied outside of the main grass growing season. As the grass is not growing during this time it could also encourage weed growth. However, there is a larger concentration of potassium in the autumn/winter fertilisers which protects the grass from the diseases that it is susceptible to through the cold and wet months. Use this fertiliser from the end of September until the beginning of March. Click here for our range of fertiliser.

Paddock Fertiliser

You will find fertiliser for use specifically on horse and pony paddocks. These serve the purpose to improve the quality and quantity of grazing grass available for the horses whilst ensuring an environment is not created that may lead the horses to develop laminitis. Click here for advice on paddock care.

After spreading your fertiliser, you will need to water it in to the soil in order that the grass can feed off the nutrients. Rainfall is the ideal solution but if it is dry for a few days after spreading, you will need to water the grass. This is ideally done with sprinklers but can also be done carefully by hosepipe with a broadcast/spray attachment.