Grass Seed in Dogs

As we come in to the spring and summer months, there will no doubt again be a large number of dogs going to the vets in discomfort, only for their owners to be told that the culprit is a grass seed!

So how does a grass seed manage to cause so many problems for our dogs? Well, it is mainly down to the seeds small and sharp structure. You will know that if you walk in a meadow the seeds will end up all over your clothes, so imagine what this is like for your dog on its daily walk! It is harmless enough unless that seed manages to get around the ears or paws and work their way either through the ear canal or up the leg respectively. If you think this may have happened or your dog is showing visible discomfort in these vulnerable areas, firstly you should examine the area…it may be that if it is a rogue seed, it is still able to be removed without a vet’s intervention. However, if the seed is not visible or it is lodged, you should take your dog to the vet straight away…it’s very treatable, but the longer it’s left, the more of an invasive procedure it might become.

There are some simple steps however that you can take to try to prevent this becoming a problem in your pet. Firstly, you should keep the hair around the ears and paws very short to minimise the risk of grass seed sticking. You should also have a full inspection of your dog’s ears and paws after a walk, most importantly if you have been in a meadow or area where there were visible grass seed shoots. And finally, if in doubt, see your vet…it’s much better to get it sorted sooner rather than later.