Preparing a Seed Bed

The better the preparation of your soil before sowing, the better results you are likely to achieve so it is important to put the time and effort in to getting it right following the step by step plan below.

1.      Thoroughly remove any old grass and weeds, either by hand or by using a weedkiller spray. Do not use a residual weedkiller as this will remain in the soil. It is important that this task is done thoroughly in order that the new seed is not in competition with any existing weeds or plants. Also, remove any large stones or other debris.

2.     The soil should then be dug up or rotovated to a depth of up to 30cm. This is also when any rotted manure, peat or compost should be added to your soil to create the ideal conditions.

3.     Ideally, the soil should then be left for a period of time (up to four to six weeks) to settle. This allows any weeds still in the ground to germinate and then be removed prior to sowing.

4.     Rake and tread (or roll) the surface several times in different directions to get an even soil composition and level surface. Remember that grass seed should not be ‘planted’ or buried, so the finished surface needs to be relatively firm.

5.     A few days before sowing, rake in a granular fertiliser at 50-100g per square metre. This will stimulate good early growth. Click here to view our specially formulated High Phosphate Pre Seeding Fertiliser.

Now that you have prepared the seed bed, click here for advice on sowing.