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Caring for your New Lawn

After all of the hard work put in to establishing a new lawn, the immediate aftercare is very important to ensure it establishes well. Follow the advice below to care for your lawn effectively after sowing.


It is important to give the lawn a cut once the blades reach a height of about 5-6cm (2inches). You should be looking to take one third to one half of the height of the grass off, and ensure the collection box is attached…if your mower does not have one be sure to rake and remove the trimmings. General purpose or hard wearing lawns should be kept to a height of around 3cm, but premium or fine lawns can go down to 1cm.


If you have sown your seed in the spring or autumn it is likely that the rainfall is sufficient for your new lawn, however if you have sown in the summer or there is a period of drought before the seed has germinated, apply a water as a fine spray. Once the seed has started to establish, more water can be applied as necessary in a ‘little and often’ fashion.


If you applied a pre seeding fertiliser before sowing, the lawn won’t need fertilising again for about eight weeks, and then should be fertilised ongoing about every three months. Click here for our advice on lawn fertilisers.

Maintenance and Repair

It is likely that while the lawn is establishing, some areas will germinate more quickly than others so there is no need to reseed these bare areas straight away. However, you will also find that after a few weeks there may be some areas that are still bare, which you can re sow with leftover seed. You should also hand weed the area regularly.