Grass Seed Mixtures

Almost all grass seed for amenity use is sold in mixtures to ensure that the best possible results can be obtained in different conditions, which makes selecting the right mixture very important. The primary things to consider are, the conditions into which you are sowing the seed, the purpose for which the lawn is to be used, the amount of time and cost you are prepared to put in to upkeep, and the importance of the appearance of the lawn. You will generally find that lawn seed mixtures will fall in to the following categories.

Hard Wearing

For those lawns where appearance is not the most important factor, and are likely to take a lot of wear potentially from children playing, dogs, sport, etc. The two key species in the mixture will be amenity perennial ryegrass and strong creeping red fescue. The ryegrass is very hard wearing and resistant to damage, whilst the fescue ensures excellent coverage and a closely knitted turf. Click here to view grass seed in our online shop.

General Purpose

For a more attractive lawn that will also take a moderate amount of wear from children or pets. As with a hard wearing mixture, this should contain a large proportion of amenity perennial ryegrass and fescue, but also a mixture of other species. This sets the appearance apart from the hard wearing as it creates a finer leaved lawn with good all year round appearance. Click here to view grass seed in our online shop.

Shaded Areas

A mixture specific for a shady area is formulated to withstand shortfalls in light and moisture. These mixtures will generally not have any ryegrass content but will have a high percentage of different fescue varieties. Click here for further advice on grass seed for shade or here for our online shop to buy your grass seed for shaded areas.


For lawns where appearance is the main objective and it is not intended to be for continuous wear. They will produce a thick and fine turf that can be cut very short. Alongside quality or prestige grass seed mixtures, you will also find mixtures suitable for sports greens which will produce a stunning lawn, but be prepared for the larger degree of maintenance required…these are for the lawn enthusiast! Click here for our online shop to buy your premium lawn seed mixtures.  

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