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Hay and Haylage

Buy quality agricultural grass seed for hay and haylage online from We have a wide range available from the UK's leading suppliers, to to ensure we supply the best hay and haylage mixes at great value prices.

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Limagrain Monarch Ley Mixtures - GreenSward

A long term dual purpose mixture which offers excellent value for money.

Pack Size: 12.5kg

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ForageMax - VersaMax Flexicrop

This is a medium term mixture combining the very high output of hybrid ryegrass and the quality and persistence of perennial ryegrass into one of the most popular dual purpose leys within the ForageMax range, offering excellent performance for both grazing and conservation.

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ForageMax - VersaMax Meat and Milk

A longer term, high quality mixture, suitable for cutting and grazing. This blend will provide excellent yields under both management systems. The use of large quantities of tetraploid ryegrass will improve sugar levels and make the ley more palatable leading to greater voluntary animal intake. The addition of timothy will also help with early spring growth and summer palatability.

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ForageMax - VersaMax All Stock

A long term pasture mixture, versatile in use, with good persistence and resistance to disease. Leafy, prostrate varieties provide good dense foliage capable of withstanding even the heaviest of grazing.

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ForageMax - SugarMax All Purpose

In this medium to long term dual purpose mixture, increased sugar levels lead to greater palatability and faster, more efficient conversion of digested food into either milk or meat. Higher sugar levels also allow for improved fermentation in silage, enhancing the quality of the conserved material. SugarMax All Purpose is designed to provide greater intake levels, and therefore higher animal productivity, at no extra cost.

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ForageMax - MeadowMax

A traditional style mixture based around the use of non aggressive grass species like meadow fescue, timothy and meadow grasses. There has been a resurgence of interest in the more extensive ways of producing meat. The mixture is designed to fill the gap between the more progressive dairy farmer and the land manager who is looking towards lower input and a more environmental approach to farming. MeadowMax will make very good hay, useful for a winter feed for many species of animal.

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