Grass Seed Spreaders

A grass seed spreader can make sowing lawn seed much easier and provide better results. Of course, grass seed can be sown by hand but a spreader enables you to get a much more consistent seed sowing rate which should result in an evenly established lawn. For sowing larger areas, a spreader will also significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to sow the seed. Furthermore, a spreader can be used to spread fertiliser so it will have an ongoing use, as well as being suitable for spreading salt in the winter months. There are a number of different types of spreader which are detailed below.

Hand held spreader – suitable for smaller areas and lower quantities of seed or fertiliser as the capacity is small. This is a cost effective option but would not be suitable for larger areas or on areas where accuracy is very important.

Drop spreader – suitable for slightly larger areas where accuracy is very important. The seed is dropped in a vertically straight line so the seed goes exactly where you want it at the rate you have set.

Broadcast spreader – suitable for larger areas, regular use and overseeding. These come in different models dependent on area to be sown and the capacity of seed or fertiliser required. Also referred to as a rotary spreader.

Towable spreader – for the professional user over large areas.

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