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Johnsons Lawn Grass Seed

Johnsons Lawn Grass Seed
  • DLF Trifolium are the largest and fastest growing grass seed company in the UK
  • Part of the Danish international seed organisation
  • Established for 100 years as plant breeders and seed producers
Johnsons Lawn Grass Seed - Range
  • Designed specifically for the leisure or hobby gardener
  • Mixtures developed following extensive customer research
  • Suitable for both new lawns and overseeding existing lawns

Johnsons Lawn Seed - Anytime Grass Seed

Using the latest amenity ryegrass and red fescue, Any Time establishes faster than any other Johnsons mixture. Any Time will germinate when the soil reaches +3°C, which means you can use Any Time much earlier. Any Time also produces a deep green colour and is perfect for hardwearing lawns.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed - Tuffgrass Grass Seed

Quick to establish, Tuffgrass provides good green cover and weed control whilst withstanding substantial wear and tear.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed - Quick Lawn Grass Seed

Quick Lawn is the best all-round mixture money can buy, using only top varieties and the special new seed dressing ‘Gromax’. Quick Lawn combines a superb fine leaved appearance with excellent wear tolerance.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed - General Purpose Grass Seed

Using modern dwarf type perennial ryegrasses and red fescue, General Purpose produces a lawn of superior appearance whilst being very hardwearing. Vigorous roots strengthen the turf and give it superior resilience and durability.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed - Shady Place Grass Seed

A top quality mixture specially formulated to produce an excellent lawn under shady conditions with good drought tolerance. A mixture of shade tolerant grasses will give the additional benefit of a top quality lawn which will maintain its appearance and colour in dry conditions.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed - Luxury Grass Seed

A superior, neat and compact turf is produced from uniformly fine leaves. The lower growth of the species, combined with the fineness of leaf, enables an attractive turf to be maintained and will minimise the opportunity for weed establishment.

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Johnsons Lawn Seed - Sunday Best Grass Seed

Sunday Best is a ryegrass free blend of high quality grass seed for a premium, ornamental lawn. It has a fine, textured finish and is ideal for front lawns. Sow betweeen March and October. Young grass will appear within 21 to 28 days under ideal conditions.

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